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Where does the Coupon Code box go?

Any customizations result in a different line item on the invoice and make the coupon code box disappear at checkout.

No response for 8 days to my ticket. Please advise!!

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Yes - due to them using the draft API, options appear as a second line item; nothing can be done about that but the coupon code box issue is linked to the options and their display name.

If I had any special characters in my Option Display Name (" # &) it would not add any charges associated with that option selection and the coupon code box would also disappear.

E.g my option that I was struggling with was:

What size would you like; 8" x 10", 11" x 14" or 11" x 17"?

It didn't like the "

Each choice had a charge and it wouldn't add that charge to the total.

Hope this helps!

Did you ever solve this? 

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