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Why don't my new products sync?

Started off by taking over 24 hours for my new products to be visible to add to the new option set.

Now not synching at all!!!

Very frustrating!!!

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We have have the same issue. This started on 2/1/19 Hulk has systematically avoided assistance the have been MIA for 48 hrs. 

We have been trying to sync new product for 8 days now. We have had to rebuild our customizer twice, we provided Hulk access to our store and they dismantled the code. 

Hideous customer service with no resolution. 

Considering they say they work to a 3 hour response time, its a joke. Managed to get a sync to happen over the weekend (31 hours it took) and now waiting for it to happen again after adding more products.

Still no response from their customer service and noticed they were online in my store at 6am this morning. Tempted to revoke their access.

3 hr response time? WOW! we have had 48hr response time and then they go dark. I believe they realized what screw-ups they are with their *new updated code* and are hiding. 

We have been waiting for 8 days to sync. We cannot get one product to sync. 

Yes it seems that way and its also suspicious that there are very few threads on this Forum however plenty of negative reviews on the shopify store.

I'm on 12 hours and counting for another product to sync. i could almost understand as it was 40+ products that took over 30 hours but for a single product it should be instant.

Disaster. Think I will be finding another App - hours wasted getting this set up for my shop.

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Just received this email response. Fingers crossed:

Our developers have recently discovered an error on our server that has been causing product sync issues for a lot of our users. We are currently looking into resolving this issue. Please allow us until tomorrow to resolve the error. 

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How did you get that????? 

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It was a reply to the ticket I have raised with them currently

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they just contacted us too

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Hey there! Did Hulk follow thru on their promise? Were you able to upload anything? We cannot do anything and now it's the 13 day our site is crap. 

These people are hideous. 

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Had an email yesterday saying it was going to take them another day to fix the error and that they would email all customers when fixed. Nothing yet today - will ask them

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Email saying issue found and resolved. Took a few days but we got there. Updates now taking literally minutes. Thank you for the resolution Hulk Code

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Sync now taking a long time again!

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Same problem for me! I cannot sync any new products right now.

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