Uploading HulkThemes to Shopify, Directions

Getting Started: How to upload & launch your HulkThemes to Shopify

1. Upload Your New Shopify Theme by HulkThemes

If you have a theme on your computer that you want to install, you can upload it to your Themes page:

  • Make sure your theme files are compressed into a single .zip file. 
  • From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, and then click Themes  (or press G W T). 
  • Click Upload a theme in the top right-hand corner:


Note If the message You can't have more than 20 themes on your store appears, you must export or delete one of your installed themes before you can install another one. 

From the Upload A Theme dialog, click Choose File to select the .zip file that you want to upload. (ex: Make sure that you are choosing the correct zip file for the theme, and not the whole zip file, itself.) 

Click Upload: (screenshot)

Furthermore the HulkThemes zip folder is organized as such:

  1. Themename UNZIP First (zipped) (Don't upload this theme zip folder).
  2. (Inside the main folder)
  • Themename PSD
  • Themename Theme UNZIP First (Upload this theme zip folder).
  • products_export

The uploaded theme appears in the Unpublished themes section of your Themes page. You can install a maximum of 20 themes in your store. 

To publish the theme on your online store immediately, click Publish theme

Your current published theme will become unpublished.

2. Preview a paid theme in your store

Visit the Shopify Theme Store and choose a paid theme. Click Preview in your store. Your Themes page opens and the theme begins loading.

After the theme has finished loading, click the Preview in your store button. Do any of the following:

  • Click Customize theme to customize the theme in preview mode.
  • Click Purchase this theme to buy the theme.
  • Click Cancel theme preview to remove the theme from your store.

If you’re having trouble with theme installation, please email HulkThemes at support@hulkcode.com, and we can install it for you. We’ll just need a access invitation from you.