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Volume Discount: Cart-based tier discounts?

Can we configure Tier discounts cart based ?

Customized Qnty based discounts on Cart like: If there is 1 item in cart it's 10% off, if there is 2 items in Cart it's valid for 15% off, if there is 3 items in cart 20%.............. I should be on cart   

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Hi Rohit,

Thank you for creating this topic. With Volume Discount a customer can buy X products for getting Y% off. You can set tiers where the more he buys, the more discount he gets! view example store

With our pro version (Coming soon!), we will enable edit in cart facility where customers can add more quantity to get a higher discount. 

We request you to wait for it, while we run some tests on this feature :)

Thank you,

Team HulkApps

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