Your store's Delivery Policy can be enabled and customized from the Delivery Policies tab under 'Settings' in your Shopify store. 

Action required: Set your delivery policy controls for the following scenarios:

1. Set notification limit to a repeat customer: 


    Here you can how many times should the notifications be sent to the same customer as per your notification preference. 

2. Email Notification sent per unit in stock:

    You can set notifications to be sent out based on the quantity of inventory available, the number of customers that would be notified can be greater or fewer based on the inventory count. For example, setting a notification rate of 2, would send out notifications to 100 customers when 50 units of inventory is available (50 × 2 = 100).

3. Notification Preference:

    Notification Preference allows you to choose what order to work through the notification list. You can choose to notify either customers who have been waiting the longest by choosing Oldest notifications first or notify the most recent customers by choosing Newest notifications first.

4. Delivery Interval:

    Setting the delivery interval lets you control how quickly the next batch of customer notifications is sent. You can choose either Daily or Hourly

5. Set minimum quantity available to send notification

    Here, notifications will only be sent if enough stock is available to fulfill a customers desired quantity. For example, if a customer has requested a notification and entered the required quantity as 2, that customer will only be notified once 2 units are available. 

In a scenario where “n” customers have requested 2 units of a product, and 3 units become available, “n” customers will be notified. 

Note: This option only applies if your account uses the Quantity required field. 

Classic Example

Example: A very popular product

For example, you might have 1000 customer notifications registered for a  Medium Green Jacket. You are only able to source 50 units of this jacket from your supplier. If you notify all 1000 customers at once your jacket will sell out but many customers will miss out on purchasing. Delivery Policy settings restricts the number of customers notified based on the quantity of inventory available.

With a Delivery Policy enabled, and the notification rate set to 1, the first 50 customers will be notified. If half of these customers then purchase the Medium Green Jacket your store will have 25 units left in stock. In the next hour another 25 customers will be notified. This will continue until all customers have been notified, or the Medium Green Jacket has sold out again (time to order more stock!)