Installation Guidelines for "Custom Product Options" app

Let's begin:

  • On your “Shopify” store click on “Apps” option on the left bar of your Dashboard. Then Click on “Visit Shopify App Store”.

  • Then search for the “Master Product Reviews by Hulk Code Inc.” and click on “Add app”.

  • As soon as a user clicks on “Add app” button it will redirect to the installation page. Over there click on “Install App” button it will redirect to “Master Product Reviews” App page of your Store.  

  • Now user needs to setup the installed app with the “Theme” they have on their store. In order to make app successfully working with theme, user needs to navigate to “Edit Code” by clicking on “Online Store” button on left bar of their Dashboard and from the “Action” dropdown menu select “Edit Code” options.

  • By clicking on “Edit Code” option, user will be redirected to the coding page of the particular “Theme” installed on their Store.

Now, at first you need to Copy the following code and paste it at the theme.liquid file before the closing body tag.

<!-- Begin of HulkApps Product Reviews App -->
<link href="//" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
<!-- End of HulkApps Product Reviews App -->


You will also need to include the generated snippets inside your page templates.

For Product Page - Product Review Display: 

You need to include the product-reviews.liquid snippet at your product template or product section at any desired location by using the following code:

{% include 'product-reviews' %}

For Average Review Display:

You need the following code at any desired location inside your product page or/and collection product grid item.

<div class="item-reviews" data-product-id="{{}}"></div>

For All Product Reviews Display:

If you would like to have a separate page to display all reviews from all products, include the product-reviews-all.liquid snippet at a page template that you're going to use for this purpose by using the following code:

{% include 'product-reviews-all' %}

So, these are the steps you need to follow to install our "Product Reviews" application in your store.

Thank You.