You can create different discount offers for different products as per your requirement. 

Below is a quick demo of how to create discount offer and apply it to product:

How to create Offers.

  • You can unlimited Discount offers as per your need through our “Volume and Tiered Discount” application.

  • Discount can be created on the basis of “$ off” or “% off”.

Let’s get started.

  • At first, navigate to “Apps” in your store and look for the “Volume & Tiered Discount by HulkApps” application and open it.

  • You ‘ll observe a screen where you will have 2 options, you need to click on “Add New” to create the discount offers.

  • User will be redirected to “Add New Offer” page where they need to enter the “Offer Name” so that it could be easier to identify the offer they created in future. Here, in this example I am naming it as Mix Discount.

  • Then you need to set the quantity on purchase of this quantity the discount offer will be applied and then you need to input the discount price or percentage which you want to apply as per you needs. Here, I am setting the quantity as 4, 8, 12 and discount percentages accordingly.




Example: Discount can also be applied on the basis of price. 


  • After adding the discount levels, you need to select the particular products on which you need to apply the discount offers on.


  • And then Submit the offer. After this you can view your product page on which you have applied the discount offer. You’ll observe a discount table in there. Also the prices will be strike out on the cart page.

Product Page:



Cart Page:



Thank You