• In your existing or new form, navigate to "Connect" tab and in there "Shopify Integration" option and check the "Create Shopify Customer" option.

NOTE: Currently the valid fields in our application for creating shopify customer are "first_name", "last_name", "notes", "tags" and accepts_marketing (only for checkboxes) only.

  • Now, let's add the valid field values in the form for shopify customer account creation. Navigate to "Content" tab in the form and in there look for "Form Element" option. We'll require to place the field values in "First Name" and "Last Name" element for creating the customer account. 

  • Now open the "First Name" element and in there write "first_name" in the "Shopify field" blank.

  • And then do the same for "Last Name" element, write "last_name" in the "Shopify Field" blank. 

  • And then Save the form. Now, on every form submission a shopify customer account will be created for your customer on the basis of their First Name, Last Name and Email address.