• Navigate to "Integrations" option and click on "Payment Integration" option where you have to enter the "Publishable Key" and "Secret Key" from your Stripe account..

  • Browse to "Stripe" site and login into you account and then in there navigate to "Developers" and then "API Keys" and there you can find the "Secret Key" and "Publishable Key" for your account.

  • Copy both the keys and paste the same in our "Form Builder" application.

  • After pasting the keys in both the fields, click on "Submit" button and you'll observe that you account is connected with our "Form Builder" application.

Now, let me show you how to integrate your stripe payment with a particular form.

  • Navigate to our application and open the form of your desire choice in which you wish to receive the payment on form submission. In here look for the "Payment Integration" option in "Connect" tab.

  • Once you select the "Stripe" option, new options will be loaded below where you need to select and define the "Payment Type" , "Currency" and "Cost" also you'll find an check-box option to display the amount on the "Submit" button.

  • And after filling all the required details, your form is integrated with "Stripe" Payment.

Now, below you will observe how to assign specific payment amount on particular option selection. 

NOTE: Payment amount can be assign to Dropdown, Multiple Checkbox and Multiple Choice. 

  • Now, let us assume that we need the payment amount on dropdown option selection.

  • Let us add an Dropdown option for payment and name the "Dropdown" options element accordingly.


  • Now we will place the amount value for payment as per each options in the same tab.

  • And then fill the other details you need an then Save the form.

Now, let us view the form on the front-end of the store and also how it will be displayed when the payment option are selected.

  • The price on the Submit button which be changed on the option selection. i.e., the price will be displayed on the Submit button accoriding to the selected option and its defined value.

Thank You.