• Navigate to "Integrations" option and under "Mail Integration" option click on "MailChimp".

  • After selecting the option, you 'll be redirected to "Login" page where you need to enter the credentials you use to login in you mail service account. 

  • As soon as you login to your account, your "MailChimp" mail services will be integrated with our Form Builder PRO app. 

NOTE: A user can integrate both the mail services with our app but, a user can only use one mail service with one form.

Now below you can find an example, in which you will know how to load a specific submitted form response value in to MailChimp.

  • Let us assume that we need “First Name” value to be populated in MailChimp’s First Name field list.

  • Now, navigate to your “MailChimp” account and in there look for the list where you need the value to be populated.

  • And in the list look for the “Signup forms” option under that look for the text you kept, in this case we have kept name as "Form builder". 

  • Now, in there click on the particular option, in this case we’ll be clicking in “First Name” field and copy the “Field Tag”.


  • And paste the same in our Form Builder application under the “MailChimp Field”

After this, when a form is submitted the value from this field is populated in the “MailChimp”.