- For Klaviyo Integration:

  • Navigate to "Integrations" option and under "Mail Integration" option click on "Klaviyo". You will be redirected to Key Page where you need to enter the Klaviyo API Key.

  • Now login to "Klaviyo" in your browser and under "Settings" option you can find the API Key which you needs to enter in "Klaviyo Key" field in our app.  

  • Copy the API Key from the mail services and paste it into our Form Builder PRO App. After submitting your key your Klaviyo mail services will be linked with our app.

NOTE: A user can integrate both the mail services with our app but, a user can only use one mail service with one form.

Now below you can find an example, in which you will know how to load a specific submitted form response value in to Klaviyo.

  • Let us assume that we need “First Name” value to be populated in Klaviyo’s First Name field list.

  • Now, navigate to your “Klaviyo” account and in there look for the list where you need the value to be populated.

  • And in the list look for the “Subscribe Pages” option under the list.

  • Now, in there click on the particular option, in this case we’ll be clicking in “First Name” field and copy the “Field Property”.

  • And paste the same in our Form Builder application under the “Klaviyo Field”

After this, when a form is submitted the value from this field is populated in the “Klaviyo”.