• Navigate to our application and in there look for "Theme Integration" option under "Help" dropdown option.

  • In here, you have to select the theme from which you want to uninstall the application, after selecting the theme click on "Remove" button to remove theme integration.

  • After this, just make sure all the codings are been removed for the theme. 

  • Now, let us look at the coding and remove it manually if they aren't removed by the application itself.

                              - At first, navigate to your theme and in there click on "edit code" option.


                              - Under "Layout" folder you will find a file "theme.liquid" from which you need to remove the following coding " {% include 'hulkcode_common' %} " 

  • Now, navigate to “Cart.liquid” under “Templates” folder Or” cart-template.liquid” file under  “Sections” 

            -  Now in here, search for “{{ item.price | money }}” in “Cart.liquid”  file and remove these lines " <span class="hulkapps-cart-item-price" data-key="{{item.key}}"> "  and " </span>" from the code below.  

                                         <span class="hulkapps-cart-item-price" data-key="{{item.key}}">
                                         {{ item.price | money }}

            -  Secondly, search for ”{{ item.line_price | money }}” in “Cart.liquid”  file and remove these lines and " <span class="hulkapps-cart-item-line-price" data-key="{{item.key}}"> " and  " </span>" from the code below. 

                                        <span class="hulkapps-cart-item-line-price" data-key="{{item.key}}">
                                        {{ item.line_price | money }}

            - Then, search for “{{ cart.total_price | money }}” in “Cart.liquid”  file and remove these lines and " <span class="hulkapps-cart-original-total"> "  and  " </span>" from the code below.

                                         <span class="hulkapps-cart-original-total">
                                         {{ cart.total_price | money }}

  • And at last you need to delete the application from the application listing.

  • Our application has now been completely uninstalled from your store. 

Thank You.