How to install “Product Reviews” App on your Shopify Store:

  • At first you need to navigate to “Apps” menu in your Shopify store.

  • Then click on the “Free Product Reviews, Photo Reviews and more” app to open it.

  • Under the app first click on the “More” option and then click on the “Help” option to open the help content.

NOTE: Please ignore this step if the code already exists in your theme. 

These are few steps which you need to follow to make changes in your store theme for your convenience.

  • At first, you need to copy the following code:  displayed in there and paste the same in “theme.liquid” file before the closing body tag in your theme.

  • Now, in second step you need to copy the following code: “ {% include 'product-reviews' %} ” and paste the same in the “product-reviews.liquid” snippet at your “product template” or “product section” at any desired location.

  • Now in order to get the average reviews displayed on your product page or collection page, you need to add the following code: “ <div class="item-reviews" data-product-id="{{}}"></div> ” at any desired location inside your product page or/and collection product grid item.

  • Now if you want to display all your reviews under one page then, you need to add the following code: “ {% include 'product-reviews-all' %} “ in the product-reviews-all.liquid snippet at a page template that you're going to use for this purpose.

After the above final step your installation has been successfully completed. You can view the next article in which you can learn and clear your doubts about how to use “Product Reviews” application on the Online Store.