1. What types of files can be uploaded in my slider?
jpeg, png, gif, svg. You can add your slides from here

2. How many layers of content can be added?
Unlimited. You can play with this app as much as you want.

3. Can I make a copy of my slide?
Absolutely. You can create a copy of the slide and then just change the backdrop/text and there you go, all of your things hold their place throughout the slideshow. Here

4. Will my changes reflect if I haven't saved my work?
No. As there is no auto-save option, you guys have to save your work each time you want to go back to another tab. Here

5. Can I upload more than 1 file at once?
Yes you can add multiple files.

6. Can I change my slide display position?
Yes, you can drag your files to change the display position. Here

7. Where can I get the code?
You can copy the short-code from your Home tab. Here

8. Where can I find the slide settings?
Inside each slide group, you have a Settings feature.

9. Where can I set the slideshow timing?
Go to settings and add timing in milliseconds. Here

10. Can I add custom CSS?

Yes, there is a field to customize using advance coding in Custom CSS and Custom JavScript here

11. Can I schedule my slides to display from a certain day at a certain time?

Yes, under Slide edit option, you will find INFO box, where you can set a certain slide to play for some time. Here

12. Can I disable a slide to appear from my site for sometime?

Yes. You can disable a slide from the INFO box under Slide edit option. Here

13. Can I choose to decide how the text/buttons appear on all devices?

You have the option to drag the elements you'd like to see depending on the devices your client uses. Sometimes, the element looks great on your desktop, but the element's placement may not necessarily look apt on other devices, right? Find it here.

14. Can I embed my CTA button with a link to a specific page?

Yes, avail that option from the edit bar, under Action. Past your link in the space provided, remove the # that is the default. Here