How to customize a form?

Step 1 Click on the Apps tab. ->

Step 2 Click on Customize Form button. -> Link You will be able to see all the possible customization. 

Step 3 Fill the email address where you want to be notified under Recipient Email Address. 


Step 4 Edit/Rename the Fields as you like it. 

Step 5 Click Next to customize the look of the form. See the changes reflect on the form on the right-hand-side simultaneously as you edit it. -> Link

Step 6 Click Next to finish the editing part. You will see a code. You can copy the code and embed it on any page or any part of the liquid file. 

How to embed a form on store?

1. Copy the code. -> Link
2. Go to your Page where you would like to embed the code.
3. Go to the code mode [</>] and paste your code in place. -> 

Still not sure? Watch an instruction video now!