1. Are the percentage discounts applied to the "base price" or "compare at" price?

The discount will be applied to the base price. This will be the selling price of the product. 

2. Can I set minimum quantities in Volume Discount app?

Yes, within the grid, you get to choose the option to offer tiered pricing on the products purchased. And the best part?  Layer limit is not fixed. 

3. Can the highest price break be capped?

No, any quantity above the highest price break will have the highest price break applied to it.

For example, if you have three price tiers such as this:

  • Buy 2 - 10% off
  • Buy 3 - 15% off
  • Buy 5 - 20% off

Any quantity of 5 or greater will get 20% off.

4. Does the Volume Discount app affect the shipping rate once it is determined by the subtotal before taxes?

Not at all.

5. How are the quantity breaks created?

We have created the app using Draft order API. It will not affect your product's variant So, it gives the merchant the freedom of adding more variants in the future. 

6. How does Volume Discount handle inventory?

No, Shopify handles inventory completely.

7. Is there a limit to how many quantity breaks I can apply to a product?


8. How do I set price level? Is there a logic involved?

The app has been developed to automatically adjust the quantity in ascending order. In short, If user buys X quantity of products, he gets Y% off. But, if he buys (X + 2) products, then he would get Z% discount. Following basic logic, the higher the quantity bought, the greater would be the discount. So, as an admin, you need not worry about setting the levels in correct order.

9. What if i create multiple offers that both apply to the same product?

In that case, the latest offer will be valid and it will be applied to the product. 

10. How can I change the position of discount table in Product page?

Place the below code in product.liquid snippet wherever you would like to display the table (above or below Add to Cart) 

<div class="hulkapps-volumes"></div>

11. How to uninstall the app?

Firstly, contact us before you decide to exit from the app. Maybe, we can help you out. Otherwise. just follow the uninstall instruction article.

12. How to set-up app in new theme?

Firstly, follow the theme integration step, which can be found under Help menu: Screenshot

Next, follow the installation guidelines. 

13. Why is "Discount Code" box not available on Checkout Page when a discount offer gets applied from application on any product?

Our application works on "Draft Order API" logic and shopify doesn't provide discount code functionality on Draft Orders. So, the discount code box dissapears when a discount offer is applied from application on any product.

NOTE 1 : On checkout, if discount is applied on selected products through our app, then any other Discount Code on the site will not work simultaneously. Either of the 2 will work.  

NOTE 2 : If discount has been rendered using our app, then on cart page, the BACK TO CART button will not appear.