1. Why can't I see any changes to my store, even though I have installed the app.

It's critical that you follow all installation steps and then your options will be reflected in your site. Please click on the link for Installation Guide

2. Can I apply options to more than one product at once?

Yes! You can bulk apply options to thousands of products with one click. You can also apply option sets to a product or a group like a collection, product type, brand or just a custom selected group.

3. Is there more than one option type available?

You bet! You can select drop-down single, drop-down multiple, single text entry, multiple text entry, , file/image uploads, radio buttons, check boxes, multiple select checkbox, multiple text entry, and many more!

4. Can I remove a selection from an option based on a prior option choice?

There is a built-in way to have an option dynamically remove a selection based on the choice of a prior option, but you can achieve this effect using conditions.

You can create multiple versions of the option that you want to differ based on what is selected in a prior option. Create one version of this option with associated selections for each set of choices that could show on the product page, and then use conditions to hide them initially and then show one of those options based on the selection of the prior option.

It's easy to make multiple versions of an option with different price sets. Once you create one version, you're able to duplicate it in the app admin grid, and then you can edit the duplicate and change the prices of it.

A handy screenshot on how to set up conditions can be found here: Conditional Logic.

5. Can I set up swatches in Product Options?

We say, why not! Check this screenshot to know where to find it: Swatch. What's more? You can also customize how the swatch is displayed under the Display Settings => https://www.screencast.com/t/6VlUF61e

6. Does Product Options Work with Recurring Orders?

Not yet!

7. File Upload FAQ

  • What is the maximum file upload size? - Recommended size is (150 X 150)px
  • Can I limit the types of files uploaded? - Supported file formats are: image/png, image/jpeg, image/gif
  • When customers upload images, where do they go? - On server
  • Are there any themes that are incompatible with file uploads? - All our themes are compatible with this app.

8. Is it possible to duplicate conditions? 

Yes => https://www.screencast.com/t/CvSBJQPuOP

9. Product Options FAQ

  • Is the adding color/image swatch option available in this app? - Yes. And best part, its a free app :)
  • Can I import Product Options in bulk? - You can import the products options in bulk -> https://www.screencast.com/t/uB9eN7nKBU
  • Can I export the options to a spreadsheet? - No
  • Can I use Product Options and Shopify variants together? - Yes of-course. 

10. Can I modify the options display style?

Yes, everything from the border, to the header color, to text that match your site. Everything that you can think of.

11. Do I have to add the Product Options code anywhere in the theme codes?

Not at all, the changes will be automatically reflected int eh live store. No need to paste any short-codes anywhere in the theme. :)

12. How to uninstall the app?

Firstly, contact us before you decide to exit from the app. Maybe, we can help you out. Otherwise. just follow the video instructions below:

Uninstallation Guide

13. How to set-up app in new theme?

Firstly, follow the theme integration step, which can be found under Help menu: Screenshot

Next, follow the installation guidelines. 

14. Why can't I find the product which I'm looking for?

It happens sometimes. where you add new products, and they don;t show up in option sets. Screenshot

Just go here and sync products once again, and the products will get added.


15. Is it possible to have specific SKU associated to each options created with the App?

You can't manage SKU and inventory of options 

16. Why is "Discount Code" box not available on Checkout Page when any option with conditional price is selected ?

Our application works on "Draft Order API" logic and shopify doesn't provide discount code functionality on Draft Orders. So, the discount code box dissapears when any option with conditional price is selected.

: If options have been rendered using our app, then on cart page, the BACK TO CART button will not appear. 

NOTE 2: You can't select the same product in multiple option set. Because, if you do so, then as a result, only the last option set with the same product will be considered. To clarify, you can have multiple options to a product, but only one option set works per product.