Important notice: Instagram feed removal

Instagram has deprecated their API.

Instagram feed sections in HulkApps themes are impacted by this, as access tokens depend on this system to connect.

Instagram Access Token Generator deactivated

The Instagram Access Token Generator, a free tool to connect themes with Instagram accounts, is no longer available for use. This deactivation is permanent and the tool will not be replaced.

Instagram feeds removed from all themes

As of February 14th, 2020, each Pixel Union theme release excludes the Instagram feed section. For older versions, the Instagram feed section may be visible but no longer functional.


We recommend you remove the Instagram feed section from your storefront before March 31st, 2020. To do so, go to Customize > Sections > Instagram feed > Remove section > Save


Twitter feed will also be removed for Grid, Launch, and Editions

For the Grid, Launch, and Editions themes, the Twitter feed will be removed along with the Instagram feed.

Instagram sales channel

No action is required for Instagram sales channels. This deprecation only affects Instagram feeds for themes. If you are using Instagram as a sales channel, this will be unaffected by these changes.

Alternatives to explore

If the Instagram feed is important for your store, consider these alternative approaches for displaying Instagram posts on your home page.

Replace with an app

Many apps available in the Shopify Apps Store perform a similar function as the Instagram feeds. The main benefit of this approach would be the real-time presentation of the latest posts.

Adding 3rd-party apps can come at a cost, however, and we are unable to guarantee that the apps will integrate with Pixel Union themes. Any conflicts with the added app and your theme would need to be resolved by the app’s developers.

View available apps for Instagram feeds


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